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Peach & Lily Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream - Reviewed

Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream

Navigating the sea of new skincare brands and products flooding the market can feel like an overwhelming task. With so many options to choose from, it seems almost impossible to try them all and determine which ones are truly worth your time and money. However, amidst the multitude of choices, there are a select few brands that manage to stand out from the crowd, thanks to their innovative products, quality ingredients, and rave reviews.

One such brand that caught my attention is Peach & Lily. I had the pleasure of encountering this brand at a New York City event popup, where I not only had the chance to explore their products but also meet the founder.

Peach & Lily is the brainchild of Alicia Yoon, a talented entrepreneur blending American and Korean roots to create something special. Inspired by the wonders of K-Beauty and made with love in South Korea, Peach & Lily promises skincare that's both effective and gentle.


About The Product

One such gem in Peach & Lily's treasure trove is the Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream, a moisturizer spiked with a blend of Matcha, Cape Lilac Extract, Niacinamide, and Adenosine. Adorned with the hues of matcha pudding, this antioxidant-rich cream beckons with promises of hydration and protection, wrapped in a velvety texture that whispers of indulgence.

Beyond its sensory and visual allure, the true test lies in its performance. For me, the hallmark of an ideal moisturizer lies in its ability to hydrate without leaving behind a greasy residue. In this aspect, moisturizer delivers admirably. Its light, non-greasy texture effortlessly glides onto the skin, imbuing it with a surge of hydration that leaves behind a matte finish, sans the tell-tale signs of excess oiliness.

Upon unboxing, one might expect a robust aroma of matcha, reminiscent of the serene tea ceremonies of Japan. However, to my delight, the scent is surprisingly subtle, requiring a closer inspection to detect the faint whisper of grassy green tea. As someone who prefers a fragrance-free experience, this delicate scent is a welcome surprise, ensuring a sensorial experience without overwhelming the senses.


Ingredient Deep Dive

Delving deeper into its formulation, a closer examination of the ingredients reveals a treasure trove of skincare benefits. Adenosine and Niacinamide, renowned for their anti-aging properties, work synergistically to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity. Meanwhile, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, brimming with antioxidants, shields the skin from free radicals, warding off environmental aggressors.

Additionally, Tocopherol, a pure form of Vitamin E, serves as a potent moisturizer and guardian against free radicals, while Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, derived from licorice root, calms inflammation and softens the skin. Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract and Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract further bolster the cream's antioxidant arsenal, contributing to its protective qualities.

But what about the matcha, you might wonder? While its presence is indeed subdued, nestled several ingredients down the list, the formulation remains rich in skin conditioners, emollients, and humectants, ensuring a nourishing and hydrating experience. Surprisingly, despite the inclusion of bergamot oil, orange peel oil, and thyme oil, the cream retains a lightweight consistency, defying expectations of heaviness or greasiness.

Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream

As we navigate the transitions of the seasons, the cream's thick yet non-heavy consistency proves to be a boon, offering comfort and hydration without weighing the skin down. And for those mindful of their skincare choices, the absence of silicones in its formula further enhancing its appeal.


My experience with Peach & Lily's Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream has been nothing short of delightful and as I gaze into the future, I can confidently say that this cream has earned its place as a staple in my skincare regimen, a testament to its efficacy and element of fun!



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