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I Tried Sofia Richie’s Favorite Blush - Here's What I Thought

Sofia Richie’s Favorite Blush

In the realm of social media and beauty trends, Sofia Richie emerged as an influential figure whose clean girl aesthetic captivated our attention for a substantial part of the previous year. What set her apart was not just her individual style, but her embodiment of a clean, quiet luxury and an old-money aesthetic. These elements resonated with a vast audience, transforming her into a trendsetter for these specific styles that had become beloved by many.

Furthermore, Sofia Richie played a pivotal role in popularizing the old money aesthetic – a style inspired by traditional, refined tastes often associated with established wealth and class.

However, the dynamic nature of trends means that the landscape is ever-evolving. As we transition into the current year, the trend wagon has taken a notable 180-degree spin. New influences and aesthetics have emerged, bringing fresh perspectives and styles to the forefront.

Despite this shift, there remains a continuity from 2023 – a residue of the trends and products that captured our collective admiration. Some of these enduring elements are tied to her beauty routine. The products she favored during her reign as a clean girl aesthetic icon have left an indelible mark, becoming a lasting legacy in the beauty community.

During her wedding week, Sofia unveiled multiple glam looks that left us in awe. One standout element was her radiant, beauty-tinted glow, courtesy of a specific coral blush product that became the talk of the town. Drumroll, please – it was none other than a Nudestix creation.

The brand, already renowned for its innovative and high-quality formulations, had once again delivered a product that stole the spotlight.


As someone perpetually in pursuit of makeup that streamlines my routine, I couldn't resist delving into Richie Grainge’s quick Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos. The allure of Nudestix products beckoned, and a thorough review was in order.

The Review

Let's talk about the star of the show – the Nudies Cream Blush Stick. The formula is not just easy to use and blend; it's a masterpiece in the realm of cream blushes. The color payoff is exceptional, providing a longevity that withstands the demands of a hectic day. Its creamy, lightweight texture blends seamlessly into the skin, offering a natural, lit-from-within radiance.

The application is a breeze, requiring nothing more than your fingertips for a light and natural look. For those who appreciate versatility, the blush stick comes with a conveniently attached brush, eliminating the need to carry a separate tool while on the go. This travel-friendly aspect is a boon for those who crave efficiency in their beauty routines.

Sofia Richie’s Favorite Blush

What sets the Nudies Cream Blush Stick apart is its status as a multi-use product. Beyond being used as a blush for your cheeks, this gem effortlessly transitions to your eyes and lips. The sheer adaptability of this product makes it a must-have for anyone aiming to streamline their makeup kit without compromising on quality.

Nudestix offers not one but two variations to suit your preference – a matte finish for those who appreciate a classic touch, and a satin finish for those seeking a glossy, more contemporary look.


Final Thoughts

I found myself impressed by the ease of application and the transformative power of the Nudies Cream Blush Stick. The seamless blending, coupled with the long-lasting color, has now made it a staple in my beauty arsenal. The travel-friendly design and the inclusion of a brush proved invaluable during my on-the-go moments. Whether opting for a subtle, daytime glow or amping up the drama for a night out, the Nudies Cream Blush Stick effortlessly adapted to my needs.

In a world saturated with beauty products, Nudestix's Nudies Cream Blush Stick emerges as a standout, living up to the hype surrounding Sofia Richie's wedding week beauty revelation. Its blendable, multi-use formula offers a practical solution for those seeking efficiency without compromising on quality.


As we navigate the evolving landscape of beauty trends in 2024, some treasures from 2023 undoubtedly stand the test of time. Sofia Richie's choice of Nudestix as her go-to blush holds its ground, proving that when it comes to beauty, some classics are destined to remain timeless.



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