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This Product Will Leave You With Dewy, Glowing Skin - Glossier FutureDew

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I've always been excited about Glossier's products and launches because their unwavering focus on skincare-based makeup is something that has consistently drawn me in. Recently, during a visit to their iconic store in the heart of New York City to explore their new Stretch Foundation, a knowledgeable beauty advisor introduced me to another gem - the FutureDew Serum.

She spoke passionately about it, describing it as one of her all-time favorite products in the store, and after experiencing its effects on my skin, I wholeheartedly understood her enthusiasm.

The glazed skin trend has been captivating the beauty world for a while now, with countless models and celebrities effortlessly embracing the wet, glossy look. It was intriguing to discover that this particular oil-based serum from Glossier could help anyone achieve that coveted aesthetic with ease.


Glossier - FutureDew Review

If you're a fan of the no-makeup, natural, and glowy skin look, then this product will be a game changer in your routine.

FutureDew represents a truly innovative beauty solution. It is a one-of-a-kind oil-in-water-based emulsion that has the remarkable ability to deliver the glossy, luminous effect of a facial oil but without the heaviness often associated with such products. Additionally, it boasts a lineup of potent skincare ingredients, including Evodia rutaecarpa extract, sugarcane squalane, and a quartet of nourishing oils: jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose, and rosehip oils.

One of its most striking features is its nourishing quality, which manages to coexist seamlessly with its lightweight texture. After application, it doesn't leave behind any greasy residue; instead, it imparts a sensation of plumpness and deep hydration to the skin. This characteristic makes it a versatile base product, ideal for use under your foundation or skin tint.

Furthermore, it earns bonus points for being fragrance-free, appealing to those with sensitivity to scents, and it sports a subtle, muted pink blush hue in its packaging.

If my review doesn't convince you - here's Sofia Richie raving about the product that gives her a glowing, stunning finish.

The formulation is not only lightweight but also rapidly absorbed by the skin. However, it offers an intense shimmery finish that beautifully enhances your complexion.

Here are a few ideal ways to incorporate it into your routine:

  • You can mix a drop of the serum with your moisturizer or use it as a makeup base, resulting in a coveted "glow from within" look.

  • Another winning application is to blend a drop with your foundation or skin tint. This not only facilitates smoother application but also imparts a dewy, luminous finish.

  • If you're in the mood for a radiant highlighter, you can focus Future Dew Serum on specific high points of your face. It blends seamlessly, delivering a striking yet natural glow.

The first time I applied it and stepped into the sunlight, I was taken aback by the mesmerizing effect. The way the light bounced off my skin was reminiscent of my favorite highlighters.


The Final Verdict

Glossier's FutureDew is unquestionably a game-changer in my skincare and makeup routine. It seamlessly combines skincare benefits with the ability to create a flawless canvas for makeup application.

Moreover, it boasts an incredible price point; a little goes a long way with this product, with just a single pump being sufficient for optimal results. A 30ml bottle of the product retails for an astonishingly affordable $26, which stands out as an exceptional value when compared to the often lofty price tags attached to other facial oils.

I'll admit that I was initially hesitant to try this product due to its inclusion of several oils that I've traditionally avoided, given my naturally oily skin. Typically, I reserve heavier products for my nighttime routine and steer clear of them during the day. However, giving Future Dew Serum a chance completely changed my perspective.

Upon application, it becomes evident that it's not your typical heavy oil-based product; instead, it transforms into a luxurious skin glaze that nourishes and enhances without clogging pores or overwhelming the skin.


I can't help but wonder why I didn't discover this product sooner. Now, it proudly holds a permanent spot on my vanity, and I find myself wondering how I ever lived without it. It has swiftly become one of my absolute favorite products, and I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to give it a try.



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