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Milky Toners: The New Skincare Trend You Need to Know About

Updated: Jun 28

Milk Toners

I recently stumbled upon The Ordinary's Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner, and it got me thinking about other similar products like the Rhode Glazing Fluid and Laneige Milky Toner. It seems like every skincare brand is jumping on the milky toner bandwagon. But why is this trend taking over the skincare world?

As a skincare enthusiast, I'm always eager to try new products and join in on the latest trends. But before diving headfirst, I like to dig a little deeper and understand the formulations and ingredients. That’s where the real fun begins! So, what exactly do milky toners do, and do they really make a difference to your skin?

Join me as we explore the science behind these new toners and discover if they're worth adding to your skincare routine. Are milky toners just another passing fad, or are they the secret to a glowing, healthy complexion?


A Milky Deep Dive into Skincare

These luxurious, creamy formulations are cherished for their deep moisturizing properties. Unlike your typical watery toners, milky toners have a thicker consistency, which helps with water retention and provides ultra-moisturizing benefits. While they might be new to Western markets, they've been a staple in Asian skincare routines for years, beloved for their ability to deliver intensive hydration and nourishment.

What sets milky toners apart from their more traditional counterparts? The secret lies in their ability to penetrate the skin barrier, locking in moisture without leaving a greasy residue. This unique property makes them perfect for giving your skin that coveted dewy, glowing look without the worry of clogged pores. They are ideal for all skin types, particularly those with dry or sensitive skin, as they offer a soothing, hydrating boost that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

How to Use Milky Toners for Maximum Benefits

Incorporating milky toners into your skincare routine is a simple yet effective process. Here’s how you can make the most of these hydrating powerhouses:

  • Method 1 - Cotton Pad Application

Squeeze a few drops of the milky toner onto a cotton pad. Gently sweep the pad across your neck, face, and décolletage in upward motions. This method helps to remove any residual impurities while delivering the toner’s nourishing ingredients deep into the skin. The upward motion also promotes circulation and helps to maintain skin elasticity.

  • Method 2 - Hand Press Technique

Alternatively, you can dispense some product onto the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to distribute the toner evenly, then gently press it into your neck, face, and décolletage. This method ensures the toner is absorbed deeply into the skin, providing maximum hydration and nourishment. The warmth of your hands helps to enhance absorption, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Personal Review: My Experience with Milky Toners

Curious about whether milky toners live up to the hype, I decided to put them to the test. As a skincare enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for new products that promise to elevate my routine and deliver noticeable results. So, when milky toners started gaining popularity, I knew I had to see for myself if they were worth the buzz.

The first thing that struck me about milky toners was their unique texture. Unlike the watery toners I was accustomed to, these were thicker and creamier, almost like a light lotion. This immediately intrigued me. I started with a few drops on a cotton pad, gently sweeping it across my neck, face, and décolletage in upward motions. I also tried dispensing some product onto the palm of my hand and pressing it into my skin, which felt incredibly soothing.

  • Gentle Hydration

From the very first application, I noticed how gentle the toner was. It didn’t sting or cause any redness, which can be a concern with some other toners, especially those with alcohol. Instead, it felt like my skin was being wrapped in a comforting, hydrating blanket. The hydration level was impressive. My skin felt plump and moisturized, without the tightness that sometimes follows after using a toner. This was a big plus for me, as my skin tends to lean towards dryness, especially during the colder months.

  • Perfect Under Moisturizer

One of the standout features of milky toners is how well they prep the skin for subsequent skincare steps. After using the toner, my serums and moisturizers seemed to absorb more effectively. The toner acted like a primer, creating the perfect base for layering other products. My skin had this beautiful, healthy glow that wasn’t greasy but dewy and fresh.

  • Day and Night Use

I incorporated the milky toner into both my morning and evening routines. In the morning, it provided a refreshing burst of hydration that helped wake up my skin. In the evening, it acted as a calming and soothing step, helping to wind down my skincare ritual. Using it twice daily made a noticeable difference in maintaining my skin’s hydration levels throughout the day and night.

  • Enhancing the Skin’s Natural Barrier

One of my concerns with new skincare products is whether they will disrupt my skin’s natural barrier. Thankfully, the milky toner did the opposite. It felt like it was fortifying my skin, making it more resilient against environmental stressors. Products like the Kiehl’s milky toner, which also have gentle exfoliating properties, offered an added bonus. They provided the creamy hydration I needed while helping to slough off dead skin cells, keeping my complexion smooth and bright without irritation.

  • No More Tightness or Stripping

Unlike traditional toners that often left my skin feeling tight and stripped, the milky toner left my skin feeling comfortable and nourished. There was no sense of my skin being deprived of its natural oils. Instead, my face felt balanced and ready to face the day.

  • Achieving the Dewy, Glowing Look

One of the biggest benefits I noticed was the overall appearance of my skin. Regular use of the milky toner gave me a dewy, glowing look that I had been striving for. My skin looked healthier and more radiant. The toner provided that perfect balance of moisture, leaving my skin looking plump and youthful.


Product Recommendations

If you're seeking to add an extra layer of moisture and achieve a luminous complexion, milky toners are worth the investment.

Hydrating milk toner
Hydrating milk toner
Hydrating milk toner
Hydrating milk toner
Hydrating milk toner
Hydrating milk toner

Milky toners have proven to be more than just a fleeting skincare trend. They offer substantial benefits that can enhance any skincare routine. Through my personal journey, I’ve found that these creamy formulations are a game-changer, transforming my skin into its most hydrated, glowing self yet. So, if you’re curious like I was, give milky toners a try – your skin will thank you!


Incorporating a milky toner into your skincare routine is a simple yet effective way to achieve hydrated, glowing skin. With their deep moisturizing properties and gentle formulation, milky toners are a great addition for anyone looking to enhance their skincare regimen. So why not give it a try?



Image Credits - Margarita

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