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Achieving the Clean Girl Aesthetic : Essential Makeup Products

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Glazed skin. Feathered brows. Glossy lips

The 'clean girl' aesthetic took the internet by storm in 2022 by having over 750 million tags on TikTok with many creators and brands showcasing their versions of it - but in my opinion, this trend is here to stay, and here's why.

In the makeup sphere, this trend includes using products that strike the perfect balance between makeup and skincare while learning toward the minimal aesthetic. It draws focus toward you highlighting your natural features and creating a more no-makeup makeup look with a glowy and dewy finish.

To me, this whole trend sounds like Hailey Bieber personified, doesn't it?

The 'clean girl' makeup trend requires you to look your best while making it seem like very little effort has gone into doing so. It can not only help cut down on the hours spent at your vanity but also reduce the number of products you need to create a look as well. The drive towards sustainable beauty and conscious consumption has helped accelerate this trend further by focusing on quality over quantity.

The original video by TikToker @xolizahbeauty has come a long way since and has seen many different variations and takes.

This fresh, glowy, and effortless look is definitely making its way to everyone's list this year as well - and here are 6 essential products you need to create your own 'clean girl' makeup look.


One - Sunscreen

This is essential - there is no further debate.

Whether you plan to stay indoors or hop out into the sun, you need to layer your skin with the right amount of sunscreen to protect your skin.

There are many different brands and formulations of SPF products - you just need to find the one that works best for your skin and its needs.

Know more about picking the right type of sunscreen - Read More


Two - Skin Tints

Full-coverage heavy foundations and pressed powders are a matter of the past - or so it seems. Skin tints and tinted moisturizers are all the rage lately with many brands coming out with makeup lines that are leaning towards the skincare side.

Many skin tints include active ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid that you commonly see in skincare products which prove to double as makeup as well.


Three - Concealers

While the base foundation layer is minimalistic, the addition of concealers helps brighten your face and help add dimension. However, this product is not as essential - if you wish, you can skip this step altogether.

Adding some around the areas of your under eyes, jaw bones, and the bridge of your nose can help add structure and still give off a more natural look without having to pull out your bronzer and contour palettes.


Four - Blush

The best product is to add a bit of flush and some color to your face. Adding blush can help add a little glam to your otherwise simple look.

There are different tones of blushes that you can use for every occasion and this trend in specific prefers liquid blushes that add a more glossy effect rather than a powdery matte finish.


Five-Brow Gel

There used to be a time in makeup work when thin and plucked brows used to be a trend - but somehow I could never get on board with it.

However, the fluffy brow trend? Count me in.

You could either choose to use a bare spoolie and brush your browns without any product or use a brow sculpt gel or balm to brush your brows and laminate them in place. You could also use tinted glow gels to fill in any sparse areas and give your brows a fuller look.


Six - Lip Tints

My favorite on the list - lip tints or lip oils.

The best product to tie your look together and add color. There are many products that you can find in this category along with a variety of shades and levels of tint.


There you have it - you can unlock the clean girl aesthetic with these 6 simple products that will now find their way to your makeup essentials bag.



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Image credits - Cover - Kate Gundareva


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